Graces Flow: Healing on the Way of St. James

[So forgive me please for interrupting my Camino de Santiago series with a two month National Parks Road Trip. (You can check it out on my Instagram.) While traveling 10,000+ miles there was very little wifi and even less time to devote to my sweet, little blog. So to hold you over while I get reacquainted with indoor plumbing, here is my Camino experience in 100 words.]

“I’m walking Compostela.” 

I had cried a desert dry.  I was parched.

“That is exactly what you should do…Let the Camino flow through you. El Camino has graces;  the Camino itself,” the Spanish accent rolled off the priest’s tongue.  “You can’t receive those graces anywhere else.”

Meditating on his words, I walked. Kissing each church door that I passed; the Camino flowing like a fountain, seeking to forgive the travesty I had left.  Thirty days I walked, until I reached The Apostle. I came with expectancy; Santiago met me on the Way. Now my name is Joyful Life.

-Finis (The End)

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