Worthy Mentions: Cologne💋

Just a couple of places in Cologne that are worth mentioning:

die wohngemeinschaft: Hostel, Cafe, Bar, Theater. The staff here is amazing. They have great information and are always helpful. They recommended the ballet and then helped me navigate the web page to buy the ticket as it wouldn’t translate from German to English. The rooms are clean and have an eclectic vibe. The breakfast buffet looked great and the coffee was free.  Above is the view from my room.

KA Putz Brauhaus: Best place to drink a never ending stream of Kolsch. When you have had your fill just put your coaster on top of your glass–and soon you will have your bill. The food here was great too. Prost!

Cologne Culture: The National Russian Ballet performed Swan Lake, arena-style. Tickets were super affordable. Something like $50. This would cost so much more in the States. I use discretion on how I spend my money and this was so worth it! Events are always changing so see what is new.

If you’re going to splurge on a cultural event, I’d go with a ballet or the theatre rather than an orchestra. Churches often have amazing choirs as a part of their services. Immerse yourself in a musical rhapsody there for free. A donation goes far in showing that you appreciate them.

Cologne, Swan Lake
The Russian National Ballet

I hope to return to Cologne in the future. It’s one of the few European cities where I thought I would enjoy living. It’s clean, vibrant and historical. Lovely.

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