Worthy Mentions: Krakow 💋

Just a few businesses around Krakow that are worth a mention:

The cafe at the John Paul II Center: Seriously good, kremówka papieska (Papal Creme Cake).  JP II’s favorite!

Cytat Cafe: Coffee, books, and cake. So good. Cozy on a winter day. Great place to charge your phone or connect to wifi. Love. Love. Love.

Rigionalne Alkohole: Nice selection of Polish liquor, beer, & cider: not so much wine. The guy behind the counter is the quinestencial Pole. You may have to break out your Americana to get him to crack a smile; I did. My recommendation:

Krakow Nalewka Wawelsk
Nalewka Walwelska Handmade Polish Liquor

Christmas Fair: Covered this here. Highly recommend.

Hostel One Momotown: Sweet staff. Free dinner. Youthful, party vibe. You decide. If you want quiet contemplation this is NOT the place for you; check with the Sisters of Mercy. Love the Momotown staff.

Mihito: Maybe Poland’s answer to Zara? Loved the clothes. Loved the prices. Shop here for deals before you go to Prague or Berlin. Just sayin’. You will thank me. Women’s clothing store close to the John Paul II Center.

Mr. Valvelsky Karaoke Bar:  If karaoke is your thing, this place is so fun. The bar staff make excellent cocktails & the price will blow your mind. It’s so reasonable. Go early if you want a more chill vibe, as the night goes on it gets packed with Pub Crawls.

For sites, check out Wawel Cathedral, Main Square, Divine Mercy Shrine 1 and 2, John Paul II Center: 1 and 2 and 3, and Auschwitz-Birkenau 1 and 2.

A Lil’ Word of Warning:

  • Skip the perfume stores. Period. They smell watered & alcohol-downed.
  • Ask up front how much food costs at the Christmas Market or you may, just may, get ripped off, like paying twice as much for a sausage. I had no problems at the pierogi or soup stands. Those are steller. Just the sausage. Go figure.
  • Polish wodka is strooong. Proceed with caution. This peregrina has sworn it off. Wow.

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