Christmas in Krakow’s Jewish Quarter: Divine Mercy, Part 2

“Also not far from the Jewish Quarter in this city, is a little chapel where the bones of a Polish nun, St. Faustina Kowalska, are laid to rest. Hanging above this poor nun’s tomb is the miraculous image of Divine Mercy. The painting is of the merciful God that this humble women hailed; on her knees, head lowered, prayer beads in hand.”

-Christmas in Krakow: The Jewish Quarter, Divine Mercy, Part 1

In stark contrast to Hitler, St. Faustina gave her life by emptying herself of self-love. She experienced deep mystical union with God having her one desire for herself to be God’s will at all times, in every present moment.

Having entered the convent in 1925 after experiencing the Suffering Christ, she spent her days serving her sisters in the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy. It was in this small convent in Krakow, not far from the Jewish Quarter, that God would reveal himself to this young Polish woman who had given up everything, including marriage, to live a life of obedience and poverty.

As she enthusiastically went about her tasks, that were rather monotonous and dull, one would never guess by appearances, that this nun with only three years of formal education would be God’s choice to reveal to a tormented world his answer to it’s misery; Divine Mercy.

Over the course of the next thirteen years, Jesus revealed the mystery of his pierced heart for the world, which is Love and Mercy, over and over again to St. Faustina. He expressed his great hunger to be united in love with each person on earth. He promised that anyone who turned to Him with trust in His goodness would receive pardon for the wrongs they had done, for He is Love and Mercy itself.

Having a deeply contemplative prayer life of humble sacrifice, extraordinary gifts were given to St. Faustina such as revelations, visions, the hidden wounds of Christ, participation in the Passion of Jesus’ suffering, bilocation, prophecy, reading of souls, and mystical marriage and engagement.

As incredible as those gifts are, the most lasting gift to be given through Faustina is the miraculous image of Divine Mercy, along with the accompanying prayers invoking God’s unfathomable mercy for the world.

Jesus revealed, and is still revealing today through this miraculous image, that He is mercy and the hope for our misery. His greatest desire is to flood our soul with His boundless love. We need to trust in Him.


Blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus, I trust in you.

Prayer from the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Visiting the Divine Mercy Sanctuary: Krakow, Poland

The Divine Mercy Sanctuary is open to visitors. Mass is offered, as well as other prayer services, throughout the year. Check their website for the most current offerings. In addition to the shrine where St. Faustina is laid to rest, there is a basilica, as well as her house which has as a reproduction of her cell. The sanctuary is run by the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.

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