Me. Myself. And Why?

Camino del Norte 2019

So why? Why another travel-ish-y blog. Do we really need one more when there are already so many siq Aussie, vegan, influencers who have perfected the Kiwi accent and don’t mind close ups on their barely-there-derrieres; while living their best life and blogging from the mouth of an ancient ruin? Did I mention they do that all while chugging a pint?

No, we don’t–but this isn’t going to be one of those travel blogs because my Instagram feed is already flowing with amazing travel porn. Cheers. I love those Aussies and their adventurous spirits!

Instead, it is my hope to share with you the idea of pilgrimage, and to give you inspiration to seek that which will bring you and your favorite people: grace, joy and peace. And perhaps, a little know-how on going it alone.

I hope you will find encouragement here as we walk alone, together. 

Hey, thanks for checking in! More is coming soon. So subscribe. Also, what do you think? Share your thoughts below. Cheers!

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